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Transform Unwanted Beliefs

Develop the confidence to become a powerful force in any area of your life that you are currently struggling in.

➡️Do you have a desire to get more from your business, health, relationships or your life in general?

🔥This is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

😲Is there something holding you back from reaching the next level?

➡️Each of us has to some extent, limiting beliefs that are either holding us back or stopping us completely from reaching the next level of personal or professional success.

😎Imagine if you could overcome these thoughts, have renewed confidence and belief in a specific area of your life. How would that feel? What would you be able to do in your business, your job or your personal life, if you could be confident and assured in a particular area that you’re struggling with?

🔥Smash through your limitations and develop new found self-belief and confidence in your business and personal life.

👊🏽Overcome those annoying mindset blocks and thoughts that aren’t serving you, start to curate the enjoyable life you really want.

😤Are you sick of the limitations these blocks have had on you and your life? Have you had enough of missing out because of them? Now is the time to make that change, take control of your life and do something about it that’ll not only create the changes you desire but will give you the tools to make a lasting change!

💫As humans we only live up to the BELIEF in our potential and not our ACTUAL potential. Now is the time for you to start the process of unlocking your true potential and living life on your terms.


➡️Transform is for anyone with a REAL desire to effect a change in their life. If you’ve been held back for weeks, months, years or even decades by that pesky voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, educated enough, you’re not experienced enough, you’re too scared, you lack the confidence, you’re just not, well, enough!

➡️Whatever the voice is telling you and whatever your walk of life, background or whether you’re a doctor, dentist, bricklayer, lawyer, executive, mother, student, coach, athlete, self-employed or a corporate professional, if you’re ready for change Transform is for you!

Who am I? 

I'm Coach Rob

😞I used to think that I wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a coach because I was "just Rob from the inner city estate with no degree". I let those thoughts hold me back for 18 years - yes, the best part of 2 decades! This is how powerful just one single belief can be, how one negative thought about yourself can seriously hold back your business, relationships and life. It wasn't until I decided that enough is enough, and I was ready to do whatever it takes that things started to change. I went all in- I gave myself permission to live the life that I truly wanted to live, I set myself targets, I called on experts, and finally: I stayed consistent

🧡 I now have the privilege to work with individuals and businesses across the world to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams like I did mine. 

💫My mission is to impact 1 million lives in the next ten years, by helping individuals and business owners overcome their mindset blocks and achieve their goals. Could you be next? 

➡️In my 5-part mini-series, we will uncover what your mindset blocks are and the steps to overcome them. Overcoming mindset blocks is never easy, but with my simple, proven tools, you'll soon find you can do anything you set your mind to. 

What you'll get:

  • 5 action-packed videos
  • Printable worksheets to guide you through the process
  • Daily and monthly self-accountability tools
  • Roadmap to transform your unwanted beliefs
  • Access to Coach Rob's Private Facebook Group 


How much does it cost? 


When will I have access?

From 10 May, 2021 you will get access to the course, with each new video every 3 days.

How will I learn? 

In each "unit" you will have a video and related worksheets that you can print or use on your computer. 

Who is it for?

For anyone who has a real desire to effect change in their life. 

What will I need? 

An Internet connection and just 30 focused minutes a day.

How long do I have access for?

You will have lifetime access and any updates to the course, including upgrades. 


Are you ready to transform your unwanted beliefs?

What People Are Saying:

Amazing, life-changing, it’s really helped me to be myself and love life!


Hit the nail on the head for me and enlightened me.


An absolutely fascinating, liberating and life changing course!


He's helped change my life in ways I didn't even know could be changed!

Luke Budd

I've grown so much in such a short time. Now I'm doing what I love!

Ebun Lennon

Rob has set my career trajectory on a course that I would only have dreamt about previously.

Jude Fox

I honestly can't believe the transformation that I have undertaken in the time I've worked with Rob.